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Our actions must not restrict the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. We are committed to this definition of sustainability.

Since the beginning of 2011, our sustainability strategy has been an essential part of our business orientation. We firmly believe that long-term success cannot be ensured through management based purely on economic results, since today, environmental and social aspects play an increasingly important role. In a sector such as the chocolate industry, raw ingredients are necessarily purchased from sources around the world, including developing countries. We accept responsibility for sustainability throughout the supply chain – from procurement of raw ingredients to delivery of our chocolate products to customers.

In 2012, we promised to purchase raw cocoa ingredients from Fairtrade sources only, and we fulfilled that promise 2016. Our latest Sustainability Report contains more about our sustainability goals and projects, plus other interesting facts and information. 

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 Organic and Fairtrade pioneer

Maestrani has been involved in a number of sustainability projects for many years. In 1987, we became the first Swiss chocolate manufacturer to produce organic and Fairtrade chocolate.

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