Our management principles

The key to success

Maestrani’s management principles lay the foundations for our shared vision of what good management should be. We nurture a climate of trust and security through open, honest and transparent communication with our employees. The following management principles serve as guidelines for our day-to-day behaviour and uphold our standards of quality, safety and environmental responsibility. 

The customer is at the centre of our activities – without the customer, everything we do is for nothing.

We develop and manufacture products in accordance with the expectations of our customers and consumers.

We lead by example

Through their actions, our managers set a fantastic example for our staff. Compliance with the law is a matter of course for us and we cultivate an atmosphere of openness and trust with external target groups. We are committed to avoiding environmental pollution.

We lead with clear aims.

Sustainability, earnings and growth, product quality and safety, and customer and process orientation with minimum resource consumption and optimum environmental protection are key indicators for our objectives. We communicate our corporate objectives to our employees and explain precisely how each individual can help to achieve them. We are only successful as a team.

We involve our staff.

Managers create reasonable freedom of action. By delegating tasks, they encourage personal responsibility and independence.

We ensure our communication is open, honest, timely and based on trust

We pass on information that our staff require immediately and completely.

We encourage our staff

Managers know and take into account the strengths, skills and development potential of their staff. We communicate our appreciation through recognising their performance.

We encourage ideas and continuous improvement

We drive innovations forward with the aim of continuously improving organisation, products and processes. We encourage customers, suppliers and staff to put forward ideas with a view to improving our services.

We analyse objectively and implement decisions systematically

We compare our findings regularly with internal objectives and external requirements. The knowledge gained is evaluated and we use it to constantly improve our systems.

We cultivate a collaborative relationship with our suppliers.

In order to achieve positive results for both parties. We ask our suppliers to actively support us achieving our quality, environmental and safety objectives.

We achieve our goals.

A healthy financial situation is one of our top priorities.

Accident free

No cost or time requirement and no competitive advantage or profit target is worth the risk of loss of life or injury of any sort.

We want to have healthy and productive employees.

We therefore promote joint measures (by employers, employees and society) for the improvement of health and well-being at the workplace.