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«Those who see the world through the eyes of a chocolate lover will find true beauty and happiness.»

Aquilino Maestrani (1814 – 1880)


Our employees are the most important component in our success. Maestrani promotes a collaborative style of management. Our employees are actively involved as far as possible in new and existing projects.

Management team

Field service

Our field service consultants will be happy to provide information about the product ranges of the Minor, Munz and Maestrani brands.

What's it like working at Maestrani?

Paul Beck
Production Manager

«The equipment here at Maestrani machinery is constantly being modernised and digitised. I like that because it keeps me up-to-date with the latest technical developments.»

«What I appreciate about Maestrani are the traditional values of the company and family environment. Every day brings new challenges and you are always learning something new every day! I like this dynamic.»

Peter Staubli
Show Confiserie

«At Maestrani I can live and breathe my passion for chocolate. I also really appreciate being part of a motivated and strong team.»