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Our offer

Maestrani offers an authentic chocolate experience. As a business customer you receive bespoke chocolate products – from corporate gifts to your own branded chocolate. Or how about a company outing to our World of Discovery?

Brands & World of Discovery

With loving attention to detail, Maestrani produces its chocolate exclusively in Flawil, Switzerland. The three in-house brands – Minor, Munz and Maestrani – are well-known beyond the borders of Switzerland and comprise 150 different products. In our Maestrani's Chocolarium World of Discovery you can experience chocolate production at first hand.

Recommended by genuine nut lovers

This iconic brand for lovers of chocolate and nuts has been in existence since 1936. And to this day, Minor is still the chocolate bar with the most – and best – hazelnuts. At least, that's the opinion of Split the Squirrel...

Munz - together is better

It is not the big stories that make us happy, but the stories we share. Together with Pro Familia Schweiz, the traditional chocolate brand Munz is  engaged in projects that promote a culture of community.

Feel-good chocolate pleasure

Carefully selected raw materials combined with outstanding traditionally handcrafted recipes make Maestrani chocolate bars a quite unique pleasure. The thin shape of the bars intensifies the taste experience and reinforces the superior character of the product.

World of Discovery

Chocolate makes us happy. But how does happiness get into the chocolate bar? Come with us on the sweetest journey of your life and uncover the secret. Maestrani’s Chocolarium – the chocolate factory of happiness – awaits.